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Leftover Carnita Pork

on October 3, 2013

So now you made that big crock-pot of delicious and savory pork from the Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas – what do you do with all of the leftovers? You make quesadillas! I love using my leftovers in a slightly different manor so that I do not feel like I am having the same meal over again.  Quesadillas are the perfect format for that – you can add whatever ingredients you have on hand, as long as you have plenty of cheese!

My favorite combination of vegetables is mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes.  What do you want on your pizza? Mushroom, spinach and tomatoes.  What do you want in your wrap? Mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes.  What are you adding to your quesadilla? Mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes – and lots of cheese!

So I simply put a single tortilla in a pre-heated skillet with a dab of melted butter.  Top with the leftover pork, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes and cover with cheese.  Add a second tortilla to the top.  Flip after a few minutes and the tortilla gets nice and brown and slightly crunchy.  Serve with salsa, or if you are my four-year-old daughter, then serve with ranch – because everything in her life gets dipped in ranch! Enjoy!



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5 responses to “Leftover Carnita Pork

  1. Clever! I’m always looking for something new to do with the leftovers, as I don’t very much enjoy eating the exact same meal two days in a row.

  2. Reblogged this on Slowcookermom and commented:
    These “leftovers” are like my main dish lol :-P great stuff!

  3. Doug says:

    Wait…I thought green beans were your favorite vege!

    • 2Kousins - Julie says:

      You are not paying attention – green beans are my favorite “i-didn’t-like-as-a-kid-veggie-but-now-do”. :)

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